World Championship Stage Being Set for League of Legends

Megan Avi HeaderIt’s almost time for the World Championship series in League of Legends! eSprots are the best sprots. Here’s what you need to know to prepare yourself for the glitz and glory that Worlds has to offer.

TOMORROW! At 1 PM on you can catch the Group Draw Show live! The show will live stream the 16 qualifying teams being picked and sorted into one of 4 groups. The casting panel will also offer some matchup analysis and predictions. Only one team per region can be in each group.

So, which teams will be competing?

North America – NA LCS

1ST Seed – TSM

2ND Seed – Counter Logic Gaming

3RD Seed – Cloud9

Europe – EU LCS

1ST Seed – G2

2ND Seed – H2K

3RD Seed – Splyce

Korea – LCK

1ST Seed – ROX Tigers

2ND Seed – SKTelecom T1

3RD Seed – Samsung Galaxy

China – LPL

1ST Seed – Edward Gaming

2ND Seed – Royal Never Give Up

3RD Seed – I May

Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan – LMS

1ST Seed – Flash Wolves

2ND Seed – ahq e-Sports Club

International Wildcard Qualifiers

INTZ e-Sports (Brazil)

Albus NoX Luna (Russia)

The actual competition will start with the Group Stage September 29th at 6:00 PM in San Francisco, CA. The surviving teams then head to Chicago for the Quarterfinals, Madison Square Garden for the Semifinals, and return to California for the World Championship Finals at the Staples Center. And you thought eSprots were something to snuff at.

Look out for my upcoming articles introducing you to the teams competing in the weeks leading up to the series!