Wildcats Survive Roadrunners

Just imagine that is a Wildcat and that he actually catches and eats Roadrunner…

I’ll be the first one to admit that I was completely terrified going into San Antonio for the second week of college football. I sat there and wondered the ways that UTSA could destroy our team and speculated if we would fall to 1-1 after Saturday’s early match-up. That being said, I am pretty happy with the way Kansas State played; the score, 30-3, speaks for itself.

Initial impressions of this young and inexperienced football team are as follows:

  1. Our Defense is pretty neat
  2. Our receivers need to catch the ball
  3. Our O-Line is embarrassing

So, let’s dive into the defense being so neat! When looking at the score, it is pretty obvious that our defense did their job by holding the Roadrunners (lol) to a field goal. Not bad at all. Some other teams around the Big 12 at least let their non-conference opponent get a touchdown. We have Will Davis and Danzel McDaniel just destroying fools like land sharks. I was extremely impressed by how much this team improved from last week and they seemed to limit the technical difficulties to a minimum.

While QB Hubener had enough time to throw, his receivers did not have the ability to catch. Whom do we blame in this situation? Receivers. At this point in the year, catch the damn ball. It’s not something that can be blamed on Hubener when you simply let the ball fall out of your hands. Super Glue, sticky paper, SOMETHING! Other than the receivers being sponsored by Butterfingers, I think the team looked somewhat solid against UTSA’s man-to-man coverage.

Our offensive line looked just that, offensive. Kansas State lost some people to graduation and now has a younger team that has accumulated a ridiculous number of injuries two games into the season. Having a quarterback like Hubener means that he needs some time to find an open receiver (who might drop the ball) or he runs like the wind to get the first down. This is a great concept, but in reality Hubener will come out with bleeding elbows if he keeps this up. Will he have the toughness of Colin Klein? Not 100% sure about that right now, but I do know he has the speed and strength that Klein seemed to naturally carry.

The Wildcats are heading back home to face Louisiana Tech this weekend. Not only will the crowd be hyped up to see the boys back in action, but Jack Cantele has a chance for redemption. Remember the last time Cantele kicked in front of a week three crowd at Bill Snyder Family Stadium? Just kidding, we don’t need to talk about the Auburn game. Let’s think about redemption instead. Regardless of how Cantele performs, let’s hope that Matthew McCrane will be back in action soon.
Final prediction for the game: Kansas State 33, Louisiana Tech 10