(Wild) Cats and Dogs Do Not Mix Well

To say Kentucky’s game against Mississippi State Saturday was a blood bath is putting it lightly. I didn’t think the Cats would win this one, but I also didn’t think they’d get blown out both on the scoreboard and by those ridiculously loud cow bells ringing in their ears the whole game. Just like the movie I used to love when I was a kid (and still might sit and watch a few minutes of if it’s on tv), Cats and Dogs are always at each other’s throats. And the Dogs definitely were better than the Cats Saturday.

Kentucky was manhandled.

Mississippi State has a pretty good team that took it to Kentucky by the tally of 45-7. The lone touchdown for the Wildcats came from a really bizarre play where quarterback Stephen Johnson took off looking to dive into the pylon around the 2 yard line and had the ball knocked out of his hands. The football proceeded to bounce off the field and up into wide receiver Blake Bone’s hands while standing in the end zone for a fumble-recovery touchdown. Just like Eddie Gran drew it up I’m sure.

Other than the accidental touchdown, the blue and white couldn’t get anything going all night. They were just dominated in every facet of the game. Not saying that we’re Bama status, but we shouldn’t drop a game by 38 points. It’s just flat out embarrassing. Especially since we just came off a bye week with ample time to prepare for the man we had absolutely no answer for: quarterback Nick Fitzgerald. This guy just walked all over us. And it’s not like the Florida game where there was a quarterback change and we saw someone that we hadn’t seen play yet. Nope. This guy’s been the starting quarterback, we had two weeks to prepare for him, and we made him look like he’s Pro Bowl ready.

You asked for Stoops to loosen up…

I understand it was a road game. I understand that atmosphere can be intimidating and too loud to be able to communicate well. But when we have the ball on 3rd down and need one yard and your offensive coordinator calls for a long ball to the back-up tight end you start to wonder what is going on in their heads? And fans weren’t alone in that. There are grumblings from some players as to why the play calling has seemed to be a little off the wall. While fans have chastised Mark Stoops for conservative play calling over the season, throwing it deep on 3rd and one in a close game is not the leap we were asking for. Call it on 1st down. Even 2nd. Not on 3rd and one. It was a tied ball game at that point, and then all hell broke loose after that.

Moving on to The Vols

But I digress. The Volunteers are coming to town Saturday, along with the coach who is on perhaps the hottest seat in college football right now, Butch Jones. Tennessee lost to Alabama this weekend which is absolutely no shock, but there’s a notion that if the Cats are able to take down the Vols this week, that ride home might be Butch’s last few moments with the Tennessee football program. Kentucky has also opened as a favorite over Tennessee which hasn’t happened in many years. Can the Cats answer the bell and cover the spread? I think so. I hope so. I’ll be there in Lexington for this one along with about 60,000 of my closest friends. Cats win this one 28-17. Go Big Blue!

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