Wiemers Revisits Preseason Predictions


wiemersRemember those June preseason predictions? Well let’s see how I did.

Preseason Predictions (Results)

Fresno St – Win (won 43-10)

Wyoming – Win (won 52-17)

Oregon – Loss (won 35-32) If only we could have known at the time this win would not end up being stellar.

Northwestern – Win (won 24-13)

Illinois – Win (won 31-16)

Indiana – Loss (won 27-22)

Purdue – Win (won 27-14)

Wisconsin – Loss (lost 17-23)

Ohio State – Win (lost 3-62)



Minnesota – Win (won 24-17)

Maryland – Win (won 28-7)

Iowa – Win (lost 10-40)

Preseason Predictions TLDR: I was right about the overall record, 9-3. However, things felt much brighter when the Huskers were still 5-0. The 3 losses were rough, especially Ohio St and Iowa. The teams that showed up to play those days were pathetic.

On to bowl season we go to try and reach that 10th win.


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