What A Babe-A New Sprots Series!

Emily Avi HeaderI’m turning 25 next Thursday. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what I’ll do differently in this new year. I want to spend less time being #madonline. I want to learn to throw a killer right hook. I want to cook more. I want to learn to enjoy red wine. But most importantly, I want to be more positive, more encouraging, and a better friend. Which is all well and good, but what’s that gonna look like?

I was daydreaming working diligently when the idea came to me. I know so many badass women. They need to be celebrated.

I’m happy to introduce to you my new column series, the Badass Babes.


I’ll be featuring a new babe every other week. You’ll want to know her. You’ll wonder why you didn’t know her before. She kills it in her respective field. She is passionate and brilliant and unique. These women embody badass in their own way and I am so excited to introduce you to them. Check back here next week to meet the first babe!

Consider it my gift to you.

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