Weekend Recap!

GHDGail’s Harley-Davidson, one of the most recognizable names in all of Kansas City and associated with top quality and the best customer service in the business. Not only were we lucky enough to work with the great team members over at the dealership, we were able to feature some of the best bikes at the same time! Check out this bad ass custom bike below:

So our month of July model, Kerre, is very familiar with Harley-Davidson as she has her own motorcycle license and absolutely loves all things horsepower! Armed with Zubaz, hair spray, a fanny pack and plenty of lipstick… we were ready to go! Our theme this month was all things American, and there is nothing more American than Harley-Davidson, Zubaz and a hot redhead! Kerre

We absolutely love Kerre’s smile and outgoing personality, not to mention she is a Women’s Studies major from Kansas State University. In between all the fun that we have on our Snapchat, the point that we are trying to drive home here at Sprots Takes is empower women to feel like bad asses with this project. Rose Brooks Center is a place that helps victims of domestic violence, their children AND their pets to find a safe place to call home and to BREAK the cycle of domestic violence. Sprots Takes wants to bring light to this cause simply because it is such a prevalent hot topic in college and professional athletics and has been since long before recent incidents. Our goal is to raise money for Rose Brooks at the same time as celebrating the women in our crew that believe in helping to end the cycle of domestic violence as well.

Stay tuned for upcoming April, November and September ALL next weekend! We are almost done with this amazing calendar and cannot wait to share the final results with you all!