Weekend Recap!

Welcome to the weekend recap, where Sprots Takes gathers the Kansas City area news and puts it in one convenient place for you. Not only will we be featuring Kansas City area sports, we will also cover things happening around the city. Mainly we have featured work from Conrad McGorkin, our field reporter, talking about all things #RallyMantis and then some. Check in every Monday as we get you what you might have missed!

Royals New
The Kansas City Royals got to claim a series victory over the most hateable team in Canada. What a great weekend! Let’s just ignore the fact that the Blue Jays are the only team in Canada and get down to what happened that made the Royals look great again…

Herrera hits Donaldson on accident, Donaldson looks like a bigger ass and is mean to his trainer.


The #RallyMantis helped us win the series. You can’t argue with facts.




Do we need to sign Napolean Dynamite? I guess so. Did I want them to sign Napolean Dynamite? No. Alas, I am not in the front office and apparently my fire tweets make no difference to them. This just reassures that we cannot trust Bray or Murray as Alex Smith’s backup. Also, Chiefs wanted everyone to know that Alex Smith can throw the ball deep to an abusive route runner like Tyreek Hill, so they made this sweet video.

Also, Dee Ford looked bad over the weekend in St. Joe and didn’t show much sign of improvement. That is neat. Glad that we still don’t know what the hell is going on with Justin Houston’s return AND his replacement is hot garbage.

In GOOD news for the Chiefs, Marcus Peters is still a damn good pick for Kansas City. Since training camp started, it appears that Peters is just as much of an influence in camp as he was on the field for the Chiefs last year. Boom. Let’s go win the AFC West.

Here is your first look at the UNOFFICIAL depth chart for Kansas City’s preseason game against Seattle.


KC News

Tragedy struck over the weekend, we are keeping the family of Caleb Schwab in our thoughts as his life was cut short by an accident at Schlitterbahn.

There is a GoFundMe set up for the family here.

Beloved Kansas City meteorologist, Kalee Dionne, has left Kansas City and she will be thoroughly missed.


ST News

ICYMI: We announced our 2017 Sprots Takes calendar partner, First Bra Foundation. We are super excited to begin production on this calendar starting next weekend!