Weekend Recap!

While Megan, Jess and GAT were kicking it in Oklahoma this weekend, the rest of the crew repped birthday celebrations and more in Kansas City.



Our favorite investigative reporter, Mindiana Jones, wrote this phenomenal Valentine’s Day piece including sports specific cards to give your valentine. Since V-Day is over, feel free to give them out to your side chick(s?)!


Another birthday girl, Emily, started her brand new series featuring women around the Kansas City area as “Badass Babes” and started with fashionista, Ashley White.

We are also starting a weekly hype up column with our hype girl, Jess. With her skills as a snapchat enthusiast, we have assigned the task of reporting on our favorite DJ Khaled. Be sure to check in every Monday on the “Weekly Keys” spot to find out what they don’t want you to know!