Weekend Recap!

We had the greatest weekend, we hope you did too!

Saturday we woke up bright and early to catch the early K-State game, which they ended up winning in great fashion! The college football world turned on it’s end a few times this year and it has already been living up to the hype.

Blumapalooza was our main focus on Saturday, and it was a blast! Not only did we have a great time, but we repped Zubaz and SprotsTakes the entire time and reignited a love for the striped pants.

Our new mascot, Lambeau, is pretty freaking awesome too!

And in case you missed this gem… Our editor’s partner in crime, Nate, really worked our Sprots Takes crop top!

Fast forward to the Chiefs playing Houston… This season we will be live on Rabble TV for EVERY Chiefs game. This means home or away, we will be calling the games so you don’t have to be forced to listen to the game with the sub-par announcers that typically follow a nationally broadcasted game.


Here is the link for our upcoming Denver @ KC game!


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