Weekend Recap!

Editor’s Note: This is another update for our 2016 Zubaz Calendar that is featuring the women of Sprots Takes as well as benefiting Rose Brooks Center… for more information, click here!

To say that Friday was “busy” would be a very nice way to put it. With only three shoots left, our crew was ready to knock out a few more months! Starting bright and early at 6:30 on Friday morning, we got things rolling with the one and only Rachel King. The month of “November” is being sponsored by the Kansas City Blues Rugby Club and who better to model for us than someone that has grown up with rugby! Armed with bug spray and plenty of makeup in our KC Blues fanny pack… we set out for a fun morning session!


With the morning sun cooperating well, we were able to breeze through this photo shoot and look forward to you all seeing the final results in the calendar! Rachel & GAT grew up playing lacrosse together and their dads both played rugby together so there was plenty to catch up on and chat about! Rugby is a sport that they both hold close to their hearts and look for a possible rugby writer for the upcoming regular fall season! 🙂

Rachel & GAT repping some KC Blues gear

Be sure to check out the Kansas City Blues and look for their upcoming clinics, games, events. There is always something going on in the world of rugby which makes it even more fun to be involved with!


Our second shoot of the day was with Mattie & GAT, the two behind OfficialSOK.com & facebook.com/officialSOK!

The “Straight Outta Kauffman” phrase was extremely popular at the beginning of the 2015 Royals baseball season and rightfully so. However, in March 2014, Mattie created a phenomenal shirt using her love of old school hip-hop fused with her love of the Royals. The result was classic and caught the eye of almost everyone that saw the tank top. “Straight Outta Kauffman” rang through to the masses when the Royals became quick targets to the rest of the league in early April. However, these shirts had been on sale through our website originally since before the World Series. Armed with that knowledge, we filed a trademark and so far so good. The ONLY place to get the original shirts in Kansas City would be Elite Designs KC, up in Kansas City, KS.  With Elite Designs sponsoring our “Bo Knows” style of photo shoot, we decided to give it a fun Zubaz twist!

Mattie & GAT messing around after the shoot!

While most of the “behind the scenes” things that actually happened on this photo shoot were completely inappropriate and not able to be shared with the public, this is one of the most fun days that we have had yet! The conversation was flowing and the release of the “#StraightOutta” campaign kept us giggling for the rest of the day. Not only were we ready to get back in the air conditioning… we were ready for a night of cocktails and fun!

Cue in zTripKC, one of our favorite businesses in Kansas City! Why are they our favorite? Well because they make sure we get home safely and in style! With their black car service available at the touch of a button on their app, there are ALWAYS specials going on! We were all heading down to Power & Light for a happy hour celebrating Shark Bar’s 8th anniversary, so it was going to be best to make sure we were partying responsibly! Nothing quite like a night out with our SprotsTakes crew to celebrate TWELVE HOURS of photo shoots!

check out the zTrip app here:


Here are a few fun photos from the night!

Shlee, Delaney, Jess & GAT
GAT & Jess
Jess, Nicole & GAT

Alright, so hope you all had a blast this weekend as much as we did and look forward to our LAST WEEK OF PHOTO SHOOTS! Our favorite Denver rep, Joy, will be in town for a photo shoot! Cheers to having a great Monday and look forward to sharing more fun news with you all week! 🙂