Week 15 – Hotties SEC Championship Picks

cropped-Website-Header.jpgHoly shit… it’s almost time.

Can you feel it in the air? No. It’s not those Fireball shot burps from Saturday night. It’s also not the glitter in your hair from that post-party from the strip club.

That’s right. It’s SEC Championship Week where my Mizzou Tigers will rise up and shock the world. WE WANT BAMA.  Count on it. Something amazing is going to happen.

In the meantime, it’s been a helluva week here with the Hotties. Gat has been like a woman possessed with pumping out podcasts. She had the infamous @FauxPelini as well as the non-famous Jason King from Bleacher Report.  Check both podcasts out below.

Court went MIA with the picks this week – probably in line for the new Star Wars movie – so as is the tradition, she will need to bring donuts into the office on Monday. KLew was looking fine this past weekend dancing to @Dolewite as she and Gat got a taste of the better life up in the northland. And Wiemers… well… Weimers, yanno… hang in there… it gets better for people named Wiemers… Probably.

Here’s the Picks!! Now mobile phone friendly (except for Wiemers who still uses a flip phone).



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  1. Looks like it’s gonna suck for Mizzou. Hope you ladies are wrong. Keep up the great work…