Week 14 – Weekly Picks Result

Women. Am I right??

a6bc5dd7ad375dbcd7d91b2cb487afIt’s kind of like picking sports. Some days you’re the king of the castle? The next day you’ve lost to Oakland and Denver in back to back weeks.

My girls are kind of in that bermuda triangle with their picks right now. There are some picks that are absolute genius like all my girls picking Detroit to win on Thanksgiving. Who does that??

And then there’s other days when all my girls picked Mississippi State… this is why God made Prozac and Bourbon.

Here’s how last week shaped up though:

  • GAT: 11/16 College and 13/16 NFL – A fantastic week although she froze her ass off for nothing at Arrowhead for the Donkeys
  • KLEW: 13/16 College but 6/16 NFL – KLew couldn’t SPELL NFL if you spotted her the N and the F.  But her college picks are STRONG
  • WIEMERS: 11/16 College and 10/16 NFL – Solid effort. Sorry about your head coach for your college team. Sucks to suck.
  • COURT: 11/16 College and 9/16 NFL – Wow. A near 50% week in the NFL? Rough week.

We are entering the final week of the college season tho so I expect the girls to come strong. College is where they’re buttering their bacon this season so stay tuned tomorrow for their picks.

In the meantime, I hear there’s a HUGE guest on the podcast this week so stay tuned.