Week 12 Pick Results!

Good morning, ladies!

I’m not Charlie, but I’m the almighty GAT so just be happy I’m getting the results up.

First, I’d like to apologize for not getting my fantasy football feature up the last two weeks, while we have been making some core changes here at Sprots Takes, I’ve had to be in charge of way too much stuff for my goldfish brain. Now we are back on track and rocking it out! So I will have a FF article up this week along with more hilarious pieces from Wiemers, Court and K.Lew. But for now… PICK RESULTS!


Who do you kidnap and take to Vegas?

KLEW: 13/17
GAT: 11/17
WIEMERS: 13/17
COURT: 8/17
KLEW: 10/15
GAT: 9/15
WIEMERS: 12/15
COURT: 11/15
When it comes to college, Kristin and Wiemers seem to be dominating.
When it comes to NFL Wiemers is dominating.
I’m not a genius or anything but it looks like you’re stealing Wiemers and taking off to Vegas to make some money!
News team... ASSEMBLE!
News team… ASSEMBLE! Okay, it’s just 3/4 of the STWH crew