Wednesdays With Wiemers

It’s Wednesday! AKA Hump Day. Does anyone else hate it when people call it Hump Day? It’s literally the worst. While I don’t have much respect for this annoying middle-of-the-road work day, I at least refuse to call it hump day. Except for today…but this is the last time!


Today there is not much going on with Husker Football. Did you believe me? You shouldn’t…it’s Summer and therefore I suffer from Footballitis. Definition: an affliction experienced mainly during the Summer months that results in lethargic football interest, lackluster sports Twitter and zero knowledge of one’s own football team.

I literally have no interest in wasting my Summer on following recruiting. Recruiting is boring and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or gets paid to know about recruiting. You’re a 3 star or 4 star recruit? Oh. Ok. Great. See you on the field in September. Skip the hype.

My Summer life instead of following recruiting
My Summer life instead of following recruiting

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and respect my team and the people who cover them. It’s just that it’s Summer and I need a break. I need freedom to find weird things online and share them with you…


There is a cure for Footballitis. It’s called the month of August. My ears will perk up. My eyes will stop bleeding scrolling through Summer Sports Twitter. My ESPN morning shows will stop talking about NBA Finals. Soccer will stop being on at every hour of the day. Baseball will pick up and be more than something to do.

Hello, beautiful

Props to everyone maintaining coverage and content over the Summer months. Summer is for beers and pools and the occasional wedding for someone you probably barely know. It’s for concerts and baseball games where more time is spent tailgating and walking the stadium than sitting in your seats. Summer means sleeping in on Saturdays while the AC blows delicious cold air over you. It’s saying you’re still young enough to plan a camping trip though you damn well know that shit sucks and you’re not doing it. Summer is for grilling and for celebrating our Freedom on the 4th of July. It’s for owning your swimsuit body regardless of your unique figure. Summer is ice cream and windows rolled down and complaining about Kansas humidity. I welcome the occasional football update but I am most likely enjoying life, downing a Coors Light and wishing I was here:


Enjoy the rest of your day. Remember to actually enjoy it!





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