Want to join our Bachelorette Fantasy League?

Who is ready to play some Bachelorette Fantasy League!?

The rules are simple:

  1. Watch The Bachelorette (preferably every episode, but AT LEAST the first episode where introductions are made).
  2. Draft three contestants BY MAY 27TH and during the season Megan will keep track of your contestants based on the scoring system listed below. An email will be sent on Fridays updating you on the standings.
  3. Included in the weekly email will be a pool of unselected contestants. ONCE PER SEASON, at any point before the show airs for the week, you may trade one of your current contestants for an unselected contestant (by emailing Megan). You may also opt to pick up an unselected contestant if one of yours leaves the show. Again, you may only do this ONCE this entire season.
  4. If you want to get a jump on the contestants for this year/need to get to know a little more about JoJo, this year’s Bachelorette, check out http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelorette/cast

Draft Contestants:



The Scoring System:


Kiss: +5

Make out: +2 extra to a kiss score

Get a rose at Rose Ceremony: +10

Get a rose pre-ceremony: +15

Enter the hot tub: +4

Dance: +5

Give Bachelorette a gift: +7

Learn to get over fears: +5

Steal Bachelorette away from another man: +3

Actually say “Can I steal you away”: +1

Take a helicopter: +5

Ride or drive in a sports car: +3

Participate in extreme sports: +3

Experience local culture (Destination dates): +4

Refer to your sexual anatomy: +10

Say “is the perfect place to fall in love”: +5

Tell Bachelorette you see a future with her: +5

Tell Bachelorette about family: +5

Tell Bachelorette about an ex: +5

Tell Bachelorette he or she’s attractive: +5

Tell Bachelorette you’re in love / falling for him / her: +7

Cry, having tears in your eyes or on your cheeks: +2

Cry, having a mega sobbing meltdown: +4

Fight with another contestant: +5

Be obviously drunk: +5

Say “vulnerable”: +3

Say “I’m falling in love with you”: +3

Say “I love/I’m in love with you”: +5

Swear: +1 (Maximum of 5 points gained from swears per episode)

Tattle: +3

Get naked:+5

Require medical attention:+10

Say “for the right reasons”: +5

Get caught with secret boyfriend or girlfriend: +20

Wear an ugly accessory (by popular vote among the league): +3

Exploit your child’s existence for personal gain: +5

Be called “good mom / dad” material: +3

Be told the Bachelorette sees a future with you: +3

Have the Bachelorette express confusion about why you aren’t liked by other contestants: +3

Have Bachelorette question your intelligence: +3

Be called “intense” by the Bachelorette: +3


Go on a solo date: -10 (This negative creates a risk / reward for solo dates that reflects the show)

Leave the show voluntarily: –20

Get sent home pre-ceremony: -15

Get sent home at Rose Ceremony: -10