Walking in Memphis: Kentucky Basketball Update


The way Kentucky played wasn’t always pretty. The Wildcats certainly weren’t dominant… but boy, were they special. The 2-seeded Kentucky Wildcats are headed to another Sweet Sixteen in their storied basketball history after beating a gritty Northern Kentucky team and surviving an instant classic against a revenge-seeking Wichita State team this weekend.
Riding a 13-game winning streak, the Kentucky Wildcats are headed to the South regional in Memphis on Friday night.

As most might realize, this year is definitely not going to be a cake walk. The UCLA Bruins are waiting in the wings, and if you listen to LaVar Ball, those Bruins are ready to dominate the field and take the trophy home. Actually, he’d probably take it home with him and put it on the mantle since his boys are the best of the best and they should be able to look at a trophy every morning when they wake up and slip on their billion dollar slippers.

It’s not surprising there were some upsets this weekend. That’s what makes March Madness so special and exciting. But, what I do find surprising, is that the South region’s last 4 teams are the top 4 seeds of its bracket. Number one North Carolina plays number 4 Butler followed by number 2 Kentucky against number 3 UCLA. On a day that saw Louisville get beat my Michigan and Duke falling to South Carolina, I was hoping for a little bit of March magic to help us out on our end of the bracket. However, that magic seemed to fall into Roy Williams’ lap instead. (We’ll discuss officiating of the tournament when it’s all over. I have some thoughts.) But regardless of the brackets and the upsets, my team is still in the dance (and two of my most hated teams are gone) so I’m all smiles on this sunny, about to be 75 degrees Monday here in the Bluegrass State.

If I could get a hold of some tickets, you bet I’d be down there in Memphis cheering on my Cats as we look to get some revenge on a very good UCLA team that beat us in Rupp earlier this season. Even though this tournament seems to take years off my life as a Kentucky fan and give me some premature gray hairs, it’s so much fun to watch. And with the ACC underwhelming and the SEC overachieving, my bracket is seriously busted. What makes staying up late on a work night worth it? Seeing Duke lose to a young SEC team like South Carolina.
I hope that my next update with you guys will be that we’re getting ready to face a team a lot of you are really familiar with. It could be Kentucky/Kansas for a trip to the title game. I’ll cross my fingers for you if you cross yours for me!