Tuesday Madness: Sprots Takes Edition

Hey everyone! So glad you decided to take a minute and read this since we have LOTS to update you on!

Big news for our Android users, we FINALLY have your app up and running again in the Google Play store.

Check it out here! 

Did you hear? Sprots Takes is officially sponsored by Charlie Hustle Clothing Co… the best clothing store in KC! Use “SPROTS15” to save 15% on your order!


On top of all that, we are proud to share this exciting feature on Kansas City Business Journal… Our founder and CEO, Gracey “GAT” Terrill!








Our radio show will be back on Thursday at 3:00 PM, check out the last episode in case you missed it:

Listen to “3.15.17 Episode 2 ESPN KC 1510” on Spreaker.


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