TSM: Meet the North American Worlds Contenders

Megan Avi HeaderDay 2 of League of Legends Worlds competition begins tonight at 6pm CST. Day 1 brought some swift victories from teams like CLG (‘Merica) along with a HUGE upset for predicted front runner EDG. If you missed out on our CLG intro, click here to check it out!

Today, Americans are treated to yet another day of competition with two NA teams. Leading off the evening at 6pm is NA representative, Cloud9 vs SK Telecom. Later in the evening, North American team, Team SoloMid, looks for redemption from their day 1 loss. TSM will be facing Korean team, Samsung Gaming (oh, branding). TSM is the top North American seed as they finished the season 17-1. However, if TSM loses today, it will probably be the last time I will want to talk about them this season, so they get to go first. Cloud9 intro incoming in a few days!

Team SoloMid has been around since the beginning of League of Legends’ competitive scene. They have endless finals matches and championship wins to prove it. Last season, TSM, again, did well for themselves as they placed in a handful of competitions and finished first in the NA LCS Spring Playoffs and Split. However, after losing in the group round of the World Championship in 2015, TSM underwent some changes. Team members Dyrus and Santorin would retire while Lutsboy would move into an analytics role.

Enter TSM scooping up former CLG player and complete badass, Doublelift, who was released from CLG for…well, we still don’t really know why, but he threw a fit much to the internet’s delight. TSM’s reality show level drama wasn’t finished there as they entered into a bidding war for Svenskeren’s love with other Worlds contender, H2K. TSM won, cue Final Rose music. However, immediately cue sad breakup music as TSM would then go through a myriad of support players throughout the 2016 season. Finally, after hosting an open tryout for the support position, Biofrost would fill out the roster we will see in competition this month.

Let’s meet the guys from TSM.


Hauntzer is the strong and silent type. He tends to keep to himself, not requiring much aid from his Jungle or Mid laner to help him keep up with opponents or objectives. His proficiency has efficiency. Nah mean? In fact, he was the #1 pick for the All-Pro Team this year. His simplistic playstyle leaves him vulnerable to being outmaneuvered, but if he can foresee any problems and make quick adjustments, expect to see the same dominant Hauntzer from the Summer Split.


Svenskeren looks like a rugby player and he acts like one, too. This jungler is aggressive and very skilled at applying constant pressure on lanes thanks to his mobile champion pool (and a little thanks to Hauntzer not being needy AF). His only weakness is that once tilted, he stays tilted and can rack up a hefty death total.


Bjergsen is a household name in the land of League. As a 3 time Worlds veteran, Bjergsen is the steady constant this in flux roster has needed. He is the 2016 NA LCS MVP and finished the season with the second highest Kill-Death Average (KDA) in the league (teammate Biofrost barely edged him out for first). His wide champion pool makes him a threat on many levels since he can play a kill-heavy mage or more of a poke ‘em to death champ to CS for gold advantage and a seemingly automatic win.


Doublelift has been competing since before League of Legends LCS competition even existed. He’s an experienced 5 tool type of player. He is all that is flash and cockiness-just check any of his social media. His highlight reel is endless, but he has yet to win a world championship. With this stacked team behind him on TSM, this could be the year.


The 2016 NA LCS Summer Outstanding Rookie, Biofrost, has been an incredible surprise to League fans. His instant chemistry with the headstrong Doublelift has made their bottom lane nearly unstoppable. The kid has moves and finished the Summer Split with the highest KDA of the season…as a support…supports aren’t even supposed to get kills. He’s an impressive one to watch. Whether the pressure of a world stage will get to him, we shall have to see.


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