Total Collapse of the Heart Comes True for Nebraska

It hasn’t been a season to remember, Husker fans (unless of course there’s a new head coach at some point…stay tuned!). At just over half way through the schedule, Nebraska sits at 3-4 overall and 2-2 in the West conference. The good news? The Big Ten West is a complete embarrassment, so 2-2 warrants second place. The bad news? Wisconsin is also in the Big Ten West and Nebraska already lost to them.

Coming into this season, I predicted Nebraska would finish 4-8.

The worst part of this prediction is that it may have been too kind. Nebraska still has to face Purdue on the road in primetime coming off a bye week, Northwestern at home, Minnesota and Penn St in back to back road games and then Iowa at home. Purdue might be a win, but who knows anymore. Northwestern will be a loss because and I quote(myself), “L because I believe at this point in the season there will be a total collapse of the heart.” Everything after will be a loss unless there is some sort of miracle. If the Huskers manage to squeak out a “winning” season, I would be surprised.

Do I think that miracle is hiring some guy named Moos? (You can ready about Moos here). I AM fond of Mike Leach…but who knows. Seems to me that Big Ten teams have had success hiring coaches from more of the southern regions…just saying. At this point, another turnover in the Nebraska Athletics Department is no surprise. Will it do any good? Not sure. The program has more identity problems than me as a 15 year old.

With the lack of identity comes the apathetic fans, of which I am not guiltless. I “fell asleep” during the second half of the Ohio St game. At least in the past I would I have waited to take my mid-day alcohol nap until AFTER my team played. To be honest, the lack of direction and continued lack of success is tiresome. Coming up with optimistic things to say has become nearly impossible.

So just what IS the problem with Nebraska football?

Too much turnover? Too many transfers? Too high expectations? I’d say it’s all of the above and then some. Even writing about it is making me depressed. Nebraska is a total has-been when it comes to college football. It’s lame. I feel sorry for the kids on the team. While I have questioned talent in the past, I DO see talent on this team. I DO believe the coaching staff is failing them. Does that warrant cleaning house yet again? I don’t know. I guess. But unless you’re hiring Jon Gruden, not sure I’m gonna be excited about it.

In conclusion, I really do hope the Huskers end their season on a high note, make a bowl game, WIN said bowl game and start off next season the right way. Not sure why I felt this season would be a total collapse, but here we are. Guess I’ve been watching this team struggle for too long. Enjoy the bye week, Husker Nation. WE DESERVE IT.


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