Tom Brady is Better at Social Media than You

Last Saturday Tom Brady and his Patriots won their playoff game against the Texans. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary there. Did Brady struggle a bit? Sure. Did the Patriots look beatable? Absolutely. What stood out to me more than anything afterwards was Tom Brady’s zero-shame Facebook post.

As much as I dislike Tom, I have to give it to him, he OWNS his social media. And of all things, he lives on Facebook. FACEBOOK. So to satisfy my own shameless desires, I typed “Tom Brady” into my Facebook search and fan-girl’d all over his account.

In this recent post, we find Tom contemplating branching out from Facebook. Among a few panicked responses bemoaning a potential Facebook-departure, the top comment really stood out.



Joe, you spoke what is in everyone’s hearts. Thank you, sir.

Presented without comment. Good luck sleeping tonight.

One of my personal favorites. Do we think Tom Brady does his own photoshopping?

Fun fact. Brady is a twin.











Tom, preparing to face the Eagles.










Tom has a stellar sense of humor. Well, if you’ve contributed to his great success he does…just check out the mentions on this ill-advised Earl Thomas tweet for verification.

Tom considering a new social media platform to join. The man put out a MYSPACE hat. *laugh/cry emoji*

Here we find a Tom Brady SUPERFAN that not only lost the battle to obtain a signed pair of Tom Brady slippers, but lost in face-crushing fashion. Literally. The guy fell. Tom took pity on him and sent the guy a signed pair. This man lost a tooth for Tom Brady.

Tom Brady:

Trump supporting dick but super troll on Facebook. For those wondering, Tom’s new social media platform is Instagram. So far, his Facebook is still the best. Better than the standard baby pics and selfies with dogs.

Bravo, Tom, bravo.

Facebook Tom

Instagram Tom


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