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Thursday with a mere 2 hours to spare before the close of the NBA trade deadline, the OKC Thunder trade DJ Augustin, Steve Novak, and two second round picks to the Denver Nuggets for Randy Foye. I don’t think it was coincidence that on Cameron Payne’s locker room periscope Wednesday night that Augustin and Novak were suspiciously absent. *Aliens*

Foye is a guard that will play exclusively off the bench in basically the same role as Augustin (so we will never see him) on the mysterious third line. Foye is in the midst of the worst season of his NBA career, averaging 6 points, 1.9 assists, and a 35.1 shooting percentage. This, however, is still better than DJ’s 4.2 points and 1.9 assists. To be fair, DJ Augustin has gotten absolutely zero play time and can’t really be expected to perform like a superstar if he’s only getting a few minutes a week. Steve Novak has played in 7 games this season. That’s all you need to know.

Why swap mediocre players? For one, Randy Foye, at 32, replaces the veteran experience absence Novak would be leaving. More importantly, by trading Augustin and Novak, the Thunder save around $8 million. Guess where that money could go…*coughKDcough*. Speaking of KD, he was quoted as saying he has heard nothing but fantastic things about the new Thunder guard, saying that everyone said Foye was the best teammate they ever had. As a player that has never committed a technical foul in 10 seasons, we have good reason to believe this is true.

Randy Foye participated in the team shoot around this morning, so it looks like he should be ready to be called upon, if necessary, in tonight’s game vs the Pacers.

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