OKC Thunder As Animals Part One

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Megan Avi HeaderThe OKC Thunder is now 8 games in to the regular season. Thunder Fans have all gotten to know the 2016-17 squad, so let’s meet their animal counterparts, part 1.

Alex Abrines–Shooting Guard

The rookie from FC Barcelona is just like this bald-faced little horse. He’s out there trying to prove his worth with the big boys. Abrines is still trying to find his legs in the NBA, but has the potential to be a much needed killer 3pt shooter for the Thunder.

Steven Adams–Center

Steven Adams is nuts. That llama (I think?) is also nuts. That’s all I have to say.

Just kidding. Adams has more than stepped up to do his part to get OKC back to the NBA playoffs. He is insane, but only off the court. Adams has completely tightened up his game (and his foul count) to become one of the prominent leaders on the floor. Check out my article last week for more.

Semaj Christon–Point Guard

Semaj Christon is a rookie that has been thrust into the spotlight after secondary point guard, Cameron Payne, fractured his foot earlier this year. Christon does not yet have the instant bond with the team that Payne had in his rookie season, but he is doing his best to lead by example off of the bench. Christon is smart and wily and could develop into the shot caller the Thunder craves when Russell Westbrook is not on the floor.

Nick Collison–Power Forward

“Old man” Collison has become little more than a locker room guy, but Thunder teammates and fans alike love him all the more for it. Collison is the good cop to coach to Billy Donovan’s bad cop. He supports the team and is there to help in any way he can. Collison is just happy to be playing the sport he loves.

Enes Kanter–Center

Enes has gained confidence coming off of a successful 2015-16 season. He is comfortable with the role he plays for the Thunder and is doing well off of the bench. He has, however, also gained confidence in his media and trash talking skills leading him to be a grumpy puppy. All bark and little bite.

Domantas Sabonis–Power Forward– and Kyle Singler–Small Forward

The blonde twins are not twins at all, but if you squint your eyes and are sitting in the upper decks of The ‘Peake, they look exactly the same. Domas has been a wonderful addition to the Thunder starting 5 this year. The kid has control, great floor vision, and an excellent shooting average. Kyle Singler has matured since last year and has shown improvement in his ball handling. He is still struggling to find his long range shot, but I have no worries about it developing quickly.


Russell Westbrook–Point Guard

Russell Westbrook, the guy that will growl and mean-mug your face off, but will come tail wagging the minute the buzzer sounds. The guy is a gamer.



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  1. This was pretty awesome. I bet Steve Adams gives the most killer mustache rides.