Thunder as Animals, Part Deux

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Megan Avi HeaderIf you’re as mashed potato hungover as I am from Thanksgiving, reading sounds abysmal. Instead, let’s check out PART TWO of the Oklahoma City Thunder roster as animals. Pictures, friends. You can do pictures.

Jerami Grant

Spiky hair, don’t care. Could someone please get a good shot of Grant in an OKC jersey? He’s been here for almost a month, for crying out loud.

Josh Huestis

Although not an animal, he does look exactly like what I picture the grown up version of Smart Guy to be.


Here’s the actual grown up version of Tahj Mowry, I wasn’t that far off…

Back to Huestis…

Joffrey Lauvergne

Googling “french bearded animal” brings up a lot of pictures of men with weird things in their beards and one lonely picture of Ryan Reynolds. I do not know what that is about. Good thing I do know which animal (King) Joffrey looks like:



Anthony Morrow

AMo is always smiling or proudly yelling about hitting a three. I thought this was a good compromise.

Victor Oladipo

Does the world get any better than songs with Oladipo or smiling pandas? No, no it does not.

Cameron Payne

Cameron Payne is exactly like this teenage lion. Absolutely deadly, but still learning from mistakes.

Andre Roberson

Pretty man, pretty deer.

If you missed part one, check it out here!


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