The Razz Sprots-Cation: KC Does Seattle



This weekend I’m doing something I’ve never done before – I’m taking a vacation purposely to watch one of my teams play somewhere that is not their home field.

Why? Well, many reasons. One, I’ve been a bit overworked the past few months (as you may have noticed from my lack of articles). Two, it’s my birthday weekend and what better way to celebrate than to get out of town? And three, I’ve become what Mr. Razz has dubbed a New Money Fan.

I've become the type of girl who wears jerseys. Send help.

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You’ve seen them all over town. People in crisp white jerseys and their blue and gold champions hats.  People now using the words Hoz, Salvy, and LoCain in regular conversation. They are probably the people booing Soria in the eighth inning because they don’t know he used to be the only good player on the Royals roster (I am one of these people – I only know because Mr. Razz is a lifelong ‘Yals fan and is extra happy he got to bring his OG Soria jersey out of retirement).  They are planning more trips than ever to the K. They are spending all their disposable income on jerseys and “Salvy for Perezident” t-shirts.

I admitted to you after the World Series that I am a New Money Fan and I’m not ashamed. I’ve always known baseball games were good for drinking heavily and spending hours in the sunshine with my friends. But now I’m beginning to understand the nuance, the beauty, of a game that lasts three hours with only 18 minutes of action. We were sitting in a restaurant the other day and the Royals-Orioles game was on TV.
“Damn, 26 pitches this inning,” I said of Ventura (he ended the first inning with 28).
Mr. Razz smiled and said, “Where’d you learn that?”

And so, we’re going to Seattle. To catch two or three Royals-Mariners games, to climb a mountain (maybe like a third of a mountain), and to eat some of the best seafood in America. Four days away from work, away from the grind — just me, my man, and the Royals.

Some things I’m looking forward to:

  • Pike Place Market – I’ve been to Seattle once before, about three years ago with some girlfriends, in a whirlwhind tour of the Pacific Northwest. The market was one of my favorite parts. We are staying in Belltown, within walking distance!
  • Sushi – during the aforementioned trip to Seattle with my girlfriends, my desire to get great fresh sushi got vetoed, and I may never ever forgive them for that. It’s my birthday, and I’m going to eat sushi until I hate myself.
  • A new stadium! It is one of my life goals to visit as many stadiums as possible and I can’t wait to check Safeco off the list. I hope that the weather cooperates so that the stadium roof is open.
  • Public transportation – I have this weird obsession with public transportation, probably because I grew up (and live) in places where everyone has a car. I love the idea of being able to get fairly long distances (cheaply) without having to worry about traffic, getting in a wreck, or parking. Plus, I love things that are government funded. I might ride the Light Rail even if I don’t really need it to take me anywhere.
  • Experience Music Project Museum – I missed out on this last time I was in Seattle. Music. Sci-fi. Pop culture. What could be better?

Do you have any insider Seattle knowledge? Sushi recommendations? Bar suggestions? Tips and tricks? Tweet’ em all to me:  @sprotstakes or @lindsvanna 


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