The Razz: Everything’s up-to-date in Kansas City

Since I’m busy trying to prep my body for the liver damage that will be inflicted upon it with Halloween and three possible World Series games all wrapped up into one serious partying weekend, my brain is functioning at a below average rate. Also, I love lists. I’m essentially a Buzzfeed groupie. So, I’m here to bring you An Incomplete List of Magical Things Surrounding Game 1 of the World Series:


  1. The Kansas City Symphony
    I’m not a betting woman, but I’m willing to put money on the fact that no community so wholly supports and embraces their teams more than Kansas City. Yesterday, the Kansas City Star reported that Kansas City Symphony director, and former New Yorker, Michael Stern donned a Salvy jersey at a performance last weekend. He then challenged the New York Philharmonic to a friendly wager: if the Royals win, Stern will wear a Mets jersey, send the Philharmonic a catered KC BBQ lunch, and play “New York New York” at one of their performances. If Kansas City wins, the Philharmonic director must wear a Royals jersey, send the KC Symphony legit NY bagels with lox, and play “Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City” at a performance.
    How can feel anything besides warm fuzzies right now? Why would the director of the Symphony, a former New Yorker and an admitted former Mets fan, make such a grand gesture in support of his adopted team? As Stern said, “home is where the heart is, goddamn it” (I paraphrased a little). And the heart is in Kansas City right now.
  1. #EskyMagic
    You probably already know that having Alcides Escobar bat first makes no sense statistically. You may not know that at least 80% of the reason Escobar bats first is because players legitimately believe that if he swings at the first pitch, they are going to win the game. Last night, the #eskymagic proved to be alive and well (that, or Matt Harvey really sucks at reading the scouting report), as he rounded the bases for a rare in-the-park home run on the very first pitch.
  2. Volquez and Chris Young
    By now, you’ve definitely heard that Edinson Volquez took the mound last night not knowing that his father in the Dominican Republic had passed away. His wife got the news right before game time and requested that the team not tell him until after he was done pitching. So, for the first six innings of the ballgame, the media knew, everyone on Twitter knew, the stadium was buzzing about it, Ned Yost knew, but no one else on the team knew except…
    3a. Chris Young, who lost his own father last month. Yost approached him before the game about possibly filling in the starting pitcher role.  He didn’t have to start, but he did throw innings 12 through 14 in relief in the longest World Series game 1 ever. I like to think Young pitched a gem because he understood how important a win could be to helping Eddie get through this tough time. These stats agree.       Capture
    3b. Alex Gordon reported that Yost approached him during the eighth inning saying that they had to win the game for Eddie. In response, Gordon hit a homer to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. The Royals don’t have an official team captain, but if there was one, I’d nominate Gordo.
  1. Hoz redeems himself
    In the top of the eighth, two-time Gold Glove winner and always sexy, Eric Hosmer, couldn’t handle a Wilmer Flores grounder that could have ended the inning-choosing to backhand it instead of squaring up to the ball. This was just the second error for the defensive-minded Royals during the entire postseason. It seemed the error affected him, as his next two at bats were three pitch strikeouts. It seemed all of Kansas City was frustrated with his play, until his sacrifice fly in the 14thinning to get Escobar home and win the game. [Editor’s Note: Stupid, arrogant bat flip included]
  2. The world goes dark


The Google Fiber network in Kansas City was down for the first inning, and therefore I found out about Escobar’s homerun via Twitter. This turned into a blip on the radar when electronic issues caused the entire Fox broadcast offline and the whole baseball loving world went dark for four minutes. The TV delay caused a real game delay because both teams lost instant replay access. This might be the first time in history they’ve said, STOP THE REAL LIFE GAME, THE PEOPLE WATCHING ON TV CAN’T SEE IT. Oh, and everyone hates the Fox broadcasters.


Bonus: Steal a Breakfast!
Taco Bell’s attempt at a World Series promotion was giving out free breakfast crunchwraps for stolen bases. I don’t exactly understand the connection between the two things, but I will never, ever complain about free Taco Bell. Lorenzo Cain stole second in the bottom of the sixth, Taco Bell immediately started making double batches of that zesty chipotle sauce. You might think Cain would be too cool to be excited about something as silly as free Taco Bell, but you’d be wrong: he told USA Today, “I need my Taco Bell before bed. Who wants Taco Bell? It’s on me.” [Editor’s note: You can’t actually get the free crunchwrap until November 5th. Ahhhh…tiny print]


Sorry Mets fans, but I feel that all this drama in Game 1 means that you guys don’t have a karmic chance in hell of winning this series.

  • Curtis

    WOW – that is some of the best writing / commentary I’ve EVER read. Had me LMAO and in tears … all within the same paragraph … REPEATEDLY.
    U R Awesome – planning to follow you and your SPROTS cohorts.
    My daughter is at K-State. After noting your common apparel theme, are some of you SPROTS at K-State? My daughter does event planning as part of her studies / career path. You all could hook up for some big events showcasing SPROTS and area sports teams to do a little promo work???

    • GAT

      Hey Curtis! We would love to team up! Sounds like you have good taste with K-State! We do have a few reps in the KSU area but would love to team up and do some promo work. is the best way to reach me! Thanks for your support, we love to have fun and don’t take things too seriously around here 🙂

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