The Rage: Girls & Broads–Week 3

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Broad City, season 3, episode 3 – Game Over

The third episode finds Abbi and Ilana navigating something we all have to deal with every day: work. The episode opens to us finding out that Abbi has finally become a trainer at Soulstice, a promotion from her former position as cleaner. Even if she’s just teaching water aerobics to sassy old folks, she still has worked her way up the corporate ladder.

Meanwhile, Ilana shows up to work at Deals, Deals, Deals (a Groupon knockoff) to find out that she’s unwanted. A big investor (played with a lot of flair by Vanessa Williams) is visiting the office, and her boss and coworkers would really prefer it if she and her inappropriate outfits and outlandish ideas stayed home.


Best scene: The locker room at Soulstice before the Soulstice Games. We finally get a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a trainer that Abbi has so long desired. It appears very friendly and very naked. While Abbi isn’t as comfortable getting naked in front of her peers, the rest of them have no qualms about it, even crawling around on the floor in the buff to help a fellow trainer gather supplements he had spilled. It’s also revealed that all the “pube situations”  Abbi was constantly forced to clean in season 1-2 have been the trainers’ pubes all along — they trim them at work to cut weight.

Meh moment: Fittingly, Ilana’s coworkers break out in song and dance after she is fired from her job. Strangely, the song is Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee in the style of Sister Act, complete with a Whoopi wearing a nun outfit cameo. Her coworkers are also all wearing LA-circa-1991 neon outfits. I’m down for a song and dance routine to celebrate Ilana’s firing, I’m just not exactly sure why they picked this song.

Best quote:
‘Ilana to her boss: “We’re gonna be millionaires. No, chamillionares!”

Second best:
Investor: What do you do here?
Ilana: Total transparency, I spent most of the day coloring in my tummy.

Most looking forward to: The broads taking on more adult issues in their signature hilarious style. What will Ilana do now that she doesn’t have a job to go to every other day?

Girls, season 5, episode 3 – Japan

We get to see at least a peek of every girl’s life this week and they are all swimming in various shades of their respective relationships. Hannah finds naked pics on Fran’s phone; he willingly admits that they are of his ex-girlfriends and he uses them to masturbate. Shoshanna loves working and living in Japan and doesn’t even mind that her long-distance relationship isn’t much of a relationship; maybe because she’s been flirting heavily with a co-worker. Jessa keeps refuting Adam’s romantic advances (atta girl Jessa). And we finally get to see Marnie, via Facetime, enjoying her time on her honeymoon mispronouncing Ecuador.

Best scene: The most Girls-esque scene was Ray taking pictures of Hannah naked in the coffee shop (after hours I assume) so that she can compete with his exes on Fran’s phone. Elijah was there too handling lighting and lending commentary.
The most powerful scene was Shosh calling her sorta-long-distance boyfriend to tell him she had lost her job. She has successfully run away from her problems and life has a way of throwing them right back in her face.

Meh moment: I didn’t really have one. Tons of great shots of Shoshanna’s Japanese life: her weird, colorful, bubble-themed apartment; a naked spa followed by sweet treats at her job; a night out with her male coworkers ending at an Asian BDSM salon and Shoshanna in a sexy nurse costume. I loved it.

Best quote: Hannah, on keeping naked pics of your exes: “How is this different than killing someone and keeping their shrunken head as a trophy?”

Second best: Shoshanna on sleeping with your co-worker
“Sheryl Sandberg would fucking kill me.”

Most looking forward to: How long can Jessa keep Adam at bay? How long can Frannah survive? And more Marnie and Desi being douchey please!

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