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This week Abbi goes the DMV and Ilana goes to work (sort of). Hannah goes on a women’s retreat with her mother called a “Spring Queening,” Jessa goes to lunch with her sister and Adam, and we find out Shoshanna just wants to go home.

Broad City – season 5, ep. 5 “2016”
bc bench

Best scene(s): Abbi has to go to the DMV to get her license renewed, and it is every bit the dark wasteland we all know the DMV to be. People are attacking each other over ticket stubs with the early numbers and fighting for outlets to charge their phones while they wait. A man’s number gets called and he and his girlfriend lovingly embrace as if he’s leaving for war.
Later, she goes to the chiropractor and he informs her: “It’s 2016. You can check in online [at the DMV].” Abbi arrives back at the DMV at the area for people who have online reservations and it is an oasis. Chocolate truffles abound, a butler escorts her to the area where she gets her hair and makeup done before a professional photographer takes her license picture, and tells her she could be a model. It ends with a free massage.
NYC is always an excellent character in this show, but when pull out all the stops and make it into a surrealist version of the city they love, that is when the show is outrageously good and different than anything else on TV.
Second best – Abbi and Ilana’s slow-mo freakout and when Hilary Clinton arrives at the campaign offices that Ilana has volunteered at. They make a few unintelligible noises, and peck on the lips because they are so excited. The only words Abbi can muster to Hilary:  “Proud demo! Crat! College! Aquarius! I pegged!”

Meh moment:  Ilana’s second interaction with a temp agency worker Linda Lodi (second cameo by Rachel Dratch) who seems to now be running the temp agency out of her home. She claims to be two months pregnant but appears to be about 20 months pregnant. The scene ends with Ilana laying on Linda’s bed with her and giving her some much-needed advice.

Best quote:
During the cold open, Abbi and Ilana are sitting on a park bench coming up with million-dollar ideas:
Abbi: A gynecologist that’s ALSO a bikini-waxer…
Ilana: It’s a lit-ral one-stop pussy shop!

Most looking forward to: Ilana, while skilled at being a bike messenger, still has no paying job. And the only meaningful male interaction Abbi has had lately has been with her grandfatherly chiropractor. Something tells me both these things will get resolved in an unexpected way before the end of the season.


Girls – Queen for Two Days
spring queening

Best scene: Hannah hates everything about the Spring Queening. She hates the no-phones policy, she hates the weird health food and she hates the outdoors most of all. The turning point for her is talking with an attractive yoga teacher who compliments her and gets her to loosen up a bit. Their obvious mutual attraction leads to some intense stretching in the steam room and ends exactly how you’d expect Hannah cheating on her boyfriend with a woman to end. Hannah feels exhausted and too hot after going down on the teacher and awkwardly starts getting dressed while her partner finishes the job herself. Girls makes you feel things man, even if the feelings are weird and unidentifiable.

Meh moment: Jessa’s sisters accent…is it British like Jessa? Is it Scottish (we know they don’t have the same dad). Is she American and just full of shit?

Best quote:
Hannah to her mother after her failed lesbian experience:
“I was following my inner queen and she makes terrible decisions.”

Most looking forward to: Jessa and Adam’s relationship seems to be progressing rather quickly. In the span of one episode, they’ve already drastically improved their sex life, she’s introduced him to her sister AND called him her boyfriend, and he’s offered to pay for her education to become a therapist. It’s no secret that both of them have addictive personalities and tend toward spur of the moment decisions that don’t always pan out. This relationship is either going to be the best thing that ever happened to both of them, or go up in a fiery explosion….and I can’t decide which outcome I prefer.

I’m also loving how dimensional and rounded out Shoshanna’s character has become this season. Japan has allowed her to run away from her problems, flourish in the workplace, and expose some of her truest feelings, all in the span of a few episodes. She’s juggling relationship issues both at home and in Japan, she’s struggling to find a fulfilling job, and aches for meaningful friendships. She generally puts on a fun and confident face, but sometimes the exterior cracks and you begin to see how broken she really is. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Shoshanna.

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