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Broad City season 3, episode 4 – Rat Pack (but I keep calling it Rat Bastard)

bc rat pack

BC3’s fourth episode begins from a rat’s-eye view. Literally, a rat is scurrying around Ilana and Jaime’s apartment, interrupting dance parties and sexy time, as well as smoking Ilana’s weed. When the exterminator charges the cost of a month’s rent to get rid of the offending rat, Ilana and Jaime decide to throw a house party and charge a cover to make back some of their money.

Meanwhile, Abbi is getting drunk off boozy Kombucha at a Soulstice party when she and Trey accidentally kiss. In order to forget the incident, Abbi downloads Tinder and invites all the dudes she matches with to Ilana’s house party.

Best scene: Abbi interviewing guys from Tinder. She realizes that Tinder pictures and a few words about someone can only go so far. There is a guy well over six feet tall who probably weighs 100 pounds (I call this Grim Reaper body) who’s profile picture makes him look like a Calvin Klein model. An old man who claimed he was 26…in the photo. A very attractive white guy who pulls down his shirt to show some very unattractive Nazi tattoos; Abbi’s response? “Two peas in a pod, neither of us are Jews…” And a guy with Denzel Washington as his profile picture, who finally informs Abbi that there is a swipe left option on Tinder…you don’t actually have to meet every guy who pops up.

Meh moment: I know there has to be some suspension of disbelief, but who would ever go to a house party where there is a $10 cover charge? On second thought, I might go if the Facebook invite advertised a weed bar as detailed as Ilana’s:

  • Stonehenge: Super mellow. Body high. Elongates limbs.
  • Blue Dream:Suggested — LL Cool J. Not suggested: Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Red Dwarf:Great for Lord of the Rings parties, does not make them make sense.
  • Sour Diesel:Long haul trucker-approved. Cab driver nemesis.

Best quote:
Ilana on Abbi’s foray into Tinder dating: “It is healthy for you to have ZERO discretions.”

Most relatable quote:
Ilana on the phone to Abbi: “Bring friends, I don’t have any besides you guys.”

Most looking forward to: Abbi’s dating life seems to be a major theme so far this season, and it looks like a hookup with her coworker Trey is inevitable. Besides the fact that they work together, I think Abbi and Trey  would make a cute and entertaining couple. Trey definitely has douche tendencies, but I think Abbi could mellow him out a little bit and show him there’s more to life than protein shakes and rock hard abs.

Girls Season 5, Episode 4 – Old Loves


We’re back in NYC after last week’s nose dive into Shosh’s life in Japan, and everyone is fighting with their boyfriends. Hannah and Fran can’t seem to agree about anything, even their teaching methods. Desi starts an insane construction project in Marnie’s apartment without her permission, and then makes her feel like a bitch for hating it. And Jessa continues to refute Adam’s advances by going to women’s-only AA meetings so that she won’t run into him there.

Best scene: A fight between Hannah and Jessa in a rice pudding shop (who knew that was even a thing?). Jessa is unnecessarily picking on Hannah for everything from her lack of writing talent to her Internet usage. At first Hannah tries to brush it off with her signature self-deprecating humor jokes, but as Jessa keeps antagonizing her, Hannah gets more and more upset, eventually storming out of the shop, returning only to call Jessa a total c*nt.
Methinks Jessa is somewhat sabotaging their friendship so that she can feel less guilty about giving in to Adam’s advances. But the fact of the matter is that these girls have been growing apart for a long time. We often wonder if they are friends for any reason other than the fact that they’ve always been friends. Maybe Jessa really is resentful of Hannah needing so much attention. Maybe she’s jealous that Hannah seems to find stable men to date somewhat easily. Or maybe Jessa actually is a total c*nt.

Meh moment: Marnie and Hannah both finding their way to Jessa’s apartment to escape their relationship problems. Marnie is looking at the “Old Loves Tumblr page” which is just photographs of celeb couples of yesteryear who you forgot were once together. The whole thing was just a little bit of a forced metaphor for everyone’s dude issues. However, Hannah did deliver a super insightful line during this scene: “Maybe nothing went wrong. Maybe the relationship just lasted for the amount of time it was supposed to. Maybe all relationships have, like, a finite life span. Like Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson. Or Fran and me.”

Best quote:
Marnie: People who work on things stay together. Otherwise you’re gonna end up alone. Like Cher.
Hannah: Can’t I end up alone, but not like Cher?
Jessa: You’re already like Cher.
Hannah: I’m gonna choose to take that as a compliment.

Most looking forward to: Elijah and Dill! Elijah is the only person this season who seems to be curating a healthy relationship. He gets a invite to a dinner party to meet Dill’s friends, and then they take a stroll in Times Square, taking selfies with fans of Dill, and signing autographs. The date ends with intense, kinda-awkward sex, the kind you have when you really like someone but don’t know each other that well yet.

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