The Chiefs Would Win The Super Bowl

Here we go again, another Super Bowl without the Chiefs in it. I know it is not the same, but at least the Chiefs have something to be positive about. They beat both teams that are playing in Super Bowl XLIX, and both teams have said the losses to the Chiefs were turning points that got them to this game.



The Chiefs dominated the Patriots 41-14 on Monday Night Football on September 29th. They handed Bill Belichick his second-worst loss in his 20-year NFL coaching career. Tom Brady had a horrible game, thanks to the Chiefs D. It was so horrible that Belichick pulled him early in the 4th quarter. Brady had three turnovers, one of them being a pick six by Hussain Abdullah. The Chiefs ended up having 443 yards of offense, 303 of those came in the first half. The most against any Belichick coached team. Charles missed the previous game against Miami with a sprained ankle, but he recovered nicely with three touchdowns and 92 yards. This game caused panic throughout the Patriots Nation.

The Seahawks game was more of a battle, but the Chiefs proved they could beat a good team. The Chiefs beat the Seahawks 24-20on November 16th. The Chiefs held the Seahawks 5 of 12 on their third down attempts. More importantly the Chiefs held the Seahawks 0 for 3 on their fourth down conversions in the fourth quarter. These three attempts came from the Chiefs 2, 36 and on Seattle’s last possession on the Seattle 20. Two of these possessions could have easily been converted field goals which would have won the game for the Seahawks. This is one of the best games I have seen the Chiefs defense play. They bent but did not break.


Since this game was so late in the season and brought the Seahawks to a record of 6-4 it dropped them three games behind the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC West. People didn’t think they had a chance to recover from the loss and defend their Super Bowl Title. They have proven many people wrong.

It is kind of cool knowing that I was able to see both teams that will be playing on Sunday in Super Bowl XLIX. It is even better knowing that I witnessed both of these teams lose at ARROWHEAD. I am hoping to see a good game and hope the footballs have the right PSI. I’m not a fan of either team, but if I had to choose I would pick the Seahawks to win by 3.