Ten Reasons Why I Love Rex Hudler (and you should too!)


10) He is a family man.

He always talks about his wife and kid. One of his sons has down syndrome and he calls it up syndrome, because he always has a positive attitude.


9) He eats bugs.

His teammates gave him $800 to chew up and swallow a bug. His team as down in the game when he ate the bug. He says that it amped up his teammates so much and they went out and won the game. So after that he ended up calling it a rally bug.


8) He is a red head


7) He loves the sport of baseball

He had to prove himself for ten years before he made it in the majors. This made him have toughness and a lot of passion for the game


6) He laughs at himself when he makes mistakes

Lefebvre was talking about a rule that the TV crew had to show the full moon every time there was one during a game.

Rex said: “I like that rule! It is a beautiful planet”

Lefebvre: “well it’s a moon….”

Rex: “Well it looks like a planet to me”


5) His nickname is “The Wonderdog”

He got this nickname in his playing days because of his all-out approach


4) He has a big league pearl

He always carries a baseball in his hands. The baseball has pink laces in it to remember his mom. He wants to remember what his mom did for him and his brothers growing up.


3) He has a very positive attitude

He got this attitude from his mom at a very young age. His mom told him “son you will never make it in life unless you are positive. When something negative happens you better find the positive in it right away.” Something we should all live by.


2) He is very literal

“Pull out a hammer and whack yourself on the shin.” He said this when he was describing how it feels to get hit by a pitch.


 1) His Hud-Isms

“Wader, check please”

“You have got to go!” – When the Royals pitchers gets someone out.

“The moose is loose”

“Who is driving the bus tonight?”