It’s Okay to Say Your Team is Not Making the Playoffs


Megan Avi HeaderIt’s okay to say that your team is not going to make it to the playoffs. You are not any less of a fan for thinking, tweeting, or texting it. You’re not giving up on your team by saying that they will not be playing meaningful October baseball. You are a realist. In a game that is so heavily focused on stats, angles, and math in general, realism should be the norm.

You can even still root for your team to win every single game for the rest of the year and brag to all of your rival Indians friends when your team steals a few games from them and still believe that your team is not going to the playoffs. It’s allowed.

It’s equally okay for you to pray until the day your team is eliminated that they have a shot at the playoffs because guess what? They do.

This game is a game of mathematics, but as cheesy as it sounds, love is a powerful magic. “Do not pity the dead, Harry, pity the living, and above all those who live without love”. Thanks, Dumbledore. In baseball terms, love is chemistry, positivity, and synergy. The power of positivity may not be measurable, but it is tangible.

Queue: the Rally Mantis. A stupid token that brought the Royals together and loosened them up. In turn, they were swinging more freely and racking up the runs. That led to dancing and singing together in the clubhouse, which just started the whole happy process over again. “You are protected, in short, by your ability to love!” All the feels, Albus, all the feels.

From a realist perspective, the Royals chances of making it to the playoffs are closer to none than they are to slim. The Royals have a pretty easy schedule to close out the year. It’s not that I don’t believe that the Royals won’t have a stellar August and September win record. It’s that the Royals had an awful July and the AL East is a powerhouse to be reckoned with this year. Also, the Detroit Tigers have an equally breezy schedule to finish 2016 and are already higher in the WC standings than the Royals. Sorry. 5 games doesn’t sound like a lot of ground to make up, but when the teams ahead of you keep winning, it doesn’t matter how well you do.

From the rainbows and puppies side, good news: All of the AL East teams have to play each other at least 3 times in the next month. They also have to square up against the 2016 AL East stepchild, the New York Yankees. The Yanks are pulling out a decent season themselves and are currently tied with KC 5 games back. This is good news because when the teams in first and second go to battle, SOMEONE has to lose, which only helps all of the buzzards, like the Royals, anxiously circling for scraps.

The Royals have far more opportunities to win than any of the other teams in contention (O’s, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Tigers—screw the Mariners, they will fall). Now Royals fans just have to stressfully wait for the other teams to beat each other up. Or, they could happily enjoy a good baseball team playing good baseball. Perhaps while fondly patting their fat wallets that will be saving so much money not having to purchase playoff tickets and gear only to have their team completely destroyed by the Cubs anyway. Ah… choices.


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