TCU vs OU Sooners Scoop

Breana AviThank goodness for bye weeks! After being completely stomped by Ohio State, the Sooners were able to have a nice week off before heading to Fort Worth to play TCU. I have never been so excited for my prediction to be wrong. My beginning of the season prediction said that we would go into Fort Worth and lose. That same prediction also had us beating both Houston and Ohio State. After losing those two games the Sooners could not lose again to TCU. They had to prove themselves one way or another.
I was working Saturday before the game and did not get in front of the TV to watch it until 4:10. The game started at 4. What I walked into was a recap of Baker fumbling the ball and TCU already being up 7-0. From that point, I did not have the highest expectations. Thankfully the rest of the game did not go that way.
In the next few minutes two amazing things happened. 1- OU defense forced an interception! Our first of the year and much needed. And 2, Baker Mayfield ran in a touchdown! Who would’ve thought that the Baker we all knew and loved last year would finally make an appearance. After letting TCU score twice after (classic) missed OU tackles, they were finally able to get the ball back and yet again, Baker with the touchdown run. Hard fought defense gave us the ball back right away and led Perine to a touchdown. 21-21. An amazing flea-flicker that yes, even I thought Perine was running with the ball, was throw to Westbrook to put OU up 14. This was all in the first half. The third quarter would seem to look good for OU and continue with us letting the points flow. 42-24 fourth quarter. Let’s just say OU is no longer the fourth quarter team we used to be. Instead, we let TCU catch up 49-46 Oklahoma. With time dwindling and another OU field goal TCU would go on to lose 52-46.
This means the Sooners are headed to Dallas, undefeated against Big 12 teams. Red River Rivalry. Oklahoma vs the University of Texas. Classes canceled Friday and everyone heading down to the half way point. The town will be filled with a clash of red and orange. The fair food and Rangers playoff games can’t take away from what is about to be an amazing football game. Texas already lost. Last weekend two of the grossest orange colors faced off and Oklahoma State came out on top. Now it’s time for Texas to try to prove themselves.  They beat us last year. If OU wants any chance to continue being talked about this season, this win is mandatory.
Saturday morning 11 am. OU v Texas.

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