Support the Women You Respect

You can support women without supporting all women. What I mean by that is, some chicks are awful, just like some men. You do not have to like all women, LGBT, minorities, aliens, or whomever. But you do have to give them a chance. If everyone gave more women in sports a chance before immediately casting them off for having boobs or an ugly dress, you’d see that a lot of them know more than the men.

Heidi Watney and Jessica Mendoza are two excellent examples in baseball of women that know as much as the men. These two work their tails off to know the ins and outs of the game and they are damn good at it. But, I guarantee that more people would rather listen to godawful Joe Buck over Mendoza purely because she’s a woman (check her Twitter mentions if you don’t believe me).

In hockey, Michelle Sturino is the only female sports radio host in ALL OF CANADA. She does interviews with players often and always gets asked where she played or what position she was. The answer is none. She never played hockey and yet is one of the premier analysts and can talk hockey like a player. I could name a ton of women in the football industry that I could say the same for.

What most don’t understand is that women watch sports differently because we experience sports differently. We get to watch sports all of our lives as a scout. More often than not we never get to fully play the sports that we watch. So instead, we get to watch the field as a whole, the strategy as a whole, and the players as a whole.

Women are intuitive creatures by nature. We evolved to have higher perception of non-verbal cues (body language) and emotional states because we had to. For hundreds of years women were socially subordinate to men and had to understand these non-verbal signals in order to survive. Sadly, even today these skills are still needed.

In sports, intuition gives women the upper-hand. They don’t say “there’s no crying in baseball” or “rub some dirt in it” for fun. Men have been conditioned to never show weakness. Women are better at spotting those moments of imperfection. This means a woman will notice an injury that will affect a player’s stats for the next week or a slight change in a batting stance showing the promise of busting out of a slump or a small exchange between a pitcher and manager that could lead to a stressed next inning.

Women understand the emotional state of play far more than men ever could. Far more than the men actually playing and experiencing these emotions probably do. For instance, a few years ago Alex Gordon went through a pretty terrible slump and local sports media was throwing out all kinds of ridiculous reasons for why this could be. When instead, they could have looked at the most obvious, though indirect: his wife just had a baby. I don’t care if the kid is 1000 miles away from Gordo at all times, you know his wife is calling him more often, she is stressed and he can do nothing to help, he’s worried about the kid and checking in more often. That’s going to take away from his performance on the field. Women factor it all.

The point of this little tirade is to ask you to support women by giving them a chance. You don’t have to blindly jump on these hashtags of support. You don’t have to be afraid to rant about some woman on the news that has all of her facts wrong. It’s ok. We are doing the same thing to the stupid men out there. Just keep in mind that a large portion of females do know what they’re talking about. Hear them out before judging them. And keep in mind that those women whose opinions you respect and agree with need all the more support because they have to work twice as hard to be heard.

Men all say they wish they had a woman they could watch sports with or game with. Prove it. Support the women that do.

  • Steve Lusk

    I agree with everything you have said (except where you call men stupid). I’m excited to hear your new show. I understand that women sometimes see the world and sports differently than men so it’s great that you have a voice in that space. I know that women’s issues within sports will be a part of the platform which is great but I hope that there will be times where you just talk about sports. You have always had great insight. I’m looking forward to hearing you tomorrow.

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