Super Bowl Prediction

Okay, enough talk about deflated balls and more about football. I personally do not see the importance of all hoopla surrounding this “deflategate.” The Colts got throttled at Foxboro I don’t think discouraged balls had any impact on that outcome, and frankly I am tired of hearing about it. Tom Brady and company have been on a rampage since week four of the regular season. Seattle will not have it easy, unlike last year, when a certain team handed them the game on a silver platter.


I personally had a substantial amount of cash on the Green Bay Packers to beat Seattle. I got excited half way through the game only to be shut down after a pretty remarkable Seattle comeback. As epic as that game ended I was not impressed with the performance of the Seahawks, they were exposed. Wilson was a turnover machine and lucky to pull out that win. If they start this Sunday’s game like that the Patriots will do some damage early.


With Seattle’s number one pass defense I can see Tom Brady being held to under 300 yards. Gronk, named NFL Comeback Player of the Year, will have over 100 yards and at least one score. The magic of Tom Brady and Gronk will most likely be in full force Sunday. Edelman will post up big numbers as well. Blount will be utilized to full effect because of Seattle’s dangerous secondary with weapons Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, Brady could be very limited.


As expected Seattle will rely heavily on the run as they were the league’s best rushing team this season. Expect Marshawn Lynch to go full on beast mode as he usually does. Seattle’s running game matches up well against New England’s defense. Wilson’s running attack will be a distraction for the Patriots sometimes inconsistent run defense. I expect Wilson to rush for at least 80 yards on the game. If New England can find a way to contain the beast of Marshawn Lynch, they will win this game.

Many may refer to the eclectic Richard Sherman as the best cornerback in football. Not if Darelle Revis has anything to say about it. Revis Island has stepped up his game and proven to be a contender as one of the preeminent cornerbacks in the league. It is difficult to directly compare the two as they play in different styles of defense but it is for certain they will both have had substantial impacts this season. New England made a beautiful decision to pick Reevis up in the off-season. I foresee him having a career defining game while we won’t see much noise coming from Sherman.

In the end I see the Patriots coming out on top. I personally have never been too impressed with the Seahawks and I think they win more on their attitude and determination than talent. I believe Tom Brady will be named MVP for the fourth time in his illustrious career. Think what you want about him but he is the man, there is no denying that.

Let’s not forget about super sexy Katy Perry’s halftime performance. As much as I’ll be looking forward to it, I am hoping this year the halftime performance will not be more exciting than the actual game itself.


Patriots 24 Seahawks 17