Super Bowl Favorites: Updated

With the constant shift in power rankings during the NFL season, the odds of teams making it to the Super Bowl shift as well. With the opening Thursday night of the NFL season, the Patriots were stunned by the still undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. While Patriots fans thought a home opener to kick off the season against an AFC team they have beaten plenty in the past would be an easy game, Patriots fans across the nation were stunned. The beauty of football season is the twists and turns experienced across the league from the start of it all.

The Super Bowl favorites from the preseason were New England (5/1), Green Bay (19/2), and Seattle (12/1) are a combined 7-5 through Week 4, and only the 3-1 Packers have a winning record among the trio. New England (now 7/1) and Seattle (now 15/1) both have glaring flaws according to some sports betting websites. For the Pats, it’s a slow front-seven that cannot pressure the QB and is leaving its secondary out to dry.

For the Seahawks, it’s a Swiss-cheese offensive line that has Russell Wilson scampering for his life any time he takes a five-step drop. There’s still ample time for both teams to find solutions, and I have an autographed Roy Hobbs rookie card to sell anyone who doubts Bill Belichick — but at this point, the Packers have emerged as the favorites for Super Bowl 52. Even with a decimated roster, they have managed a tough early slate, and Aaron Rodgers is at the top of his game, which is paramount in this QB-driven league. As the team (possibly) gets healthier over the course of the year, look for the Pack to edge out Atlanta for top spot in the NFC and ride the ensuing home-field advantage to a Super Bowl berth.

For Chiefs fans, stay on the lookout for the odds to shift in your favor with the continuance of being undefeated. Who do you think is in the running to be this years Super Bowl match up? Leave your comments below and let us know!