Stop Hating Omar Infante


by @meganmtrout megan

Stop hating Omar Infante, it’s annoying and you’re wrong. Is he old? Yes. Is he going to take a little longer to lube up the joints to get into mid-season form? Yes. Does that make him worthy of your ire? Nope.


First of all, the Infante-Escobar duo is one of the best middle infield combos I’ve seen in baseball. Ever. The two are so in-sync with each other they could start a boy band (bad joke, get over it). There are some concessions that have to be made having an older second baseman-he’s not going to dive 10 feet to the left to stop a ball through the middle because he could break a hip-but he makes up for it in his instincts and positioning. Remember the Chris Getz experiment? Or the Elliott Johnson Adventure? How are you feeling about Infante now?

Second, the guy puts balls in play. Omar Infante LED the team in triples last year. Oh, you thought it was Paulo? Cain? Dyson? That’s because you were too busy hating on Omar to pay attention. Infante didn’t even play the whole year and he had more triples and even more doubles than a lot of the team. What was that Royals mantra last year about not striking out? Omar strikes out significantly less than 80% of Royals starters.

Third, Omar is a freakin nice guy. Stop being mean.

Lastly, remember when he got hit IN THE FKIN FACE and bounced back like a champ to play like 2 days later? (it was more than 2 days, but it was really fast) Yeah. He’s a player.


Obviously there are better, younger second basemen out there, but for a team that has many holes to fill this year (two outfielders, at least one starting pitcher, depth), Omar is what you’re getting and he’s a hell of a player to be “stuck” with. You can’t have everything, Royals fans, so embrace what you’ve got.


^^^^That’s me and Omar having a moment.

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