SprotsGloss: Triple-Double


by @meganmtrout megan


A triple-double is when a player gets 10 or more points, rebounds, assists, steals or blocked shots in three of those categories (because you have incredible powers of deduction, you also now know that a double-double is 10+ in TWO of those categories). Most often, it’s 10+ in points, rebounds, and assists. Earning a triple-double is much more difficult than it sounds, only a few of the elite in the NBA (and almost nobody in college) gain this honor. It is often used to signify that a player is well-rounded.


For OKC, look to Westbrook, Durant, and maybe Ibaka or Kanter to earn triple-doubles. So far, Russ and KD are in the top four in all of basketball for triple-doubles; Russ with 3 and KD with 1. Only Draymond Green and Rajon Rondo are ahead of Russ with 4 each. They will lose their spots at the top, soon.

Last year, Westbrook owned the league in triple-doubles with ELEVEN. Runner up and former teammate, James Harden, only earned 4 (MVP Steph Curry got zero, just saying). As any Thunder fan knows, Russell does nothing quietly as he earned 4 of those triple-doubles consecutively, being the first to have that many in a row since Michael Jordan in 1989 when little Russ was 4 months old.


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