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This week’s SprotsGloss is going Osmond because it’s a little bit definition and a little bit PSA. I’m writing about “storming the field” or, when you Google it to find the exact definition, it’s “pitch invasion” which is laughable.

Storming the field is when the fans, primarily students because it’s highly punishable at professional sporting events, all rush on the field/court after their team has won a) in a dramatic fashion worthy of personal congratulations, b) beat a hated rival or c) won an important game such as the final game of the season that seals your spot in the Rose Bowl or something.

As you may have surmised or discovered for yourself, rushing the field is HIGHLY frowned upon and can carry steep punishments. In the NFL, if you storm the field you are forever banned from that stadium. Forever. In college, the punishments vary. Most schools bring in extra security to line the sidelines to intimidate students from bounding over the walls to stumble down to the field (Hint: this never deters them). Other schools, like those in the SEC have a strict fining system that assess monetary penalties to the schools themselves since no one can reasonably catch and fine thousands of drunk students.

I understand why the schools have to pretend to be against it because it’s a huge insurance liability, I’m sure. But my issue is when the opposing team and/or media gets mad about the celebration. Who cares if they are throwing it in your face? You lost. Sucks to suck. I’m going to party hard and cheer on my team right in front of you. I don’t care if it’s the first game of the season and I want to go down and chest bump 350lb linebackers. I should be able to do it!

This argument extends to everything. You like touchdown dances, don’t you? You like confetti-filled, 800,000 person parades, don’t you? You like when they spray champagne and show boobies at NASCAR races, don’t you? Yep. So, please, keep in mind that sometimes you’re going to lose and the other team is going to be the one punch drunk on a win, get over it. Your time will come.

There is absolutely NOTHING better than getting to sing the school song on the field with the entire football team and student body. Enjoy some pictures of when I stormed the field wayyyyyyyyy back in 2009 after TCU beat Utah to complete their undefeated season and show off for the bowl executives.  You are very lucky I’m even posting these because I look gross after staying up the 24 hours prior drinking, camping out for College Game Day, drinking some more, then watching TCU and their fire-fox, Andy Dalton decimate the Utes.


I didn’t even like Stevenson Sylvester, but one of my friends was obsessed with him and couldn’t find him. Obviously, I had to take a selfie with him to make them jealous.


Our own investigative journalist, @mindiana_jones did some storming of her own when K-State beat KU in 2011 and when K-State won the Big 12. Proof we are all apparently heathens.


CourtStorming1 FieldStorming1

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