SprotsGloss: Post-Up


Megan Avi HeaderIn basketball, to post-up is to establish your position near the basket, usually just outside of the key. To post-up, the player has his back to the basket with his defender behind him. This allows the player to be ready to receive a pass or ready to make a move to shoot the ball. Keeping the defender behind him allows the player to control the amount of range the defender is allowed with his hips/forearms. LEGAL contact is encouraged for this type of play.

From this position, a player can back down (push against) the defender to get closer to the basket or face up to the defender to try to beat the defender off the dribble. Now, any number of shots can be made like a layup, hook shot, fade away jumper, etc.

If you have watched any Thunder games, especially this season, you have noticed that Enes Kanter has turned himself into a post-up specialist.

Here, Steven Adams, Enes Kanter, and Domas Sabonis are practicing the post-up.

Enes really likes the spin move to the basket from the post-up. However, here is another weapon he wields.

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