SprotsGloss: Plate Appearance


Megan Avi HeaderThe next few weeks of Sprots Gloss will delve into some of baseball’s more intertwined statistics. We will start at the top with plate appearance. The plate appearance, or PA, is not a stat that directly feeds into other offensive categories like batting average or on base percentage. However, it is our launching point for two key reasons: 1) Knowing the difference between a plate appearance and an at bat is vital to understanding the statistics and scorekeeping of baseball (At bats will be covered in next week’s edition) and 2) Plate appearances are a MUCH more telling sign of a player’s well roundness, durability, and x-factor talents than at bats.

A plate appearance is just what it sounds like: any time a player steps up to the plate to attempt to get on base. No matter what the result of the play is, if the batter steps into the box to hit, it’s a PA. An exception would be if a runner, like Jarrod Dyson, is thrown out stealing second for the third out of the inning. The person at the plate does not get a plate appearance and instead will lead off the next inning for another plate appearance attempt.

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