SprotsGloss: Batting Average


Megan Avi HeaderI’m sure that you have all been following along with the baseball stats progression on Sprots Gloss. If you haven’t, simply search “sprotsgloss” at the top of our site to catch up! This week’s stat term is batting average, which is really simple to define thanks to  previous Sprots Gloss articles! Batting average, or BA, is hits divided by at bats.

Hits divided by at bats results in a decimal number, with 1.000 (colloquially known as “a thousand”) being the highest, .000 being the lowest (obviously). A player in the .300 or higher range is considered to be a proficient batter while .250 to .275 is more average.

Batting average has reigned as the most used stat in MLB for quite some time. You may see a players BA on the season, in one specific game, against a certain pitcher, or even his BA during day games vs night games. However, analysts and fans alike are beginning to realize it isn’t necessarily the best form of measurement. On base percentage is the best basic stat, which happens to be what Sprots Gloss will be covering next week!

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