Sprotscago: SprotsBae and SprotsGAT Go To The Basketball Tournament

This weekend two of Sprots Takes’ fearless leaders took on the daunting task of being trapped in a Nissan Maxima (that was nice as hell) for 8 hours as they sped through the Midwestern countryside to get to Chicago.  What’s in Chicago besides plenty of water Pokemon? The Basketball Tournament (TBT), of course.


TBT is back for its third year with its unique single-elimination style tournament of teams from all over the country. St. Xavier hosted the Midwest Regional this past Saturday and Sunday. Purple & Black, a team composed of all former Kansas State players, was the draw for the Sprots crew. GAT wrote a wonderful recap for SB Nation’s Bring On The Cats site you MUST read here. Be sure to also check out all of the other social media coverage we did via BOTC’s Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Twitter!

While in Chicago, the sprotties stopped by the Navy Pier for a midnight ride of the Ferris Wheel (Megan may or may not have thought she was going to die). They also checked out a few local joints like Timothy O’ Tooles and Barraco’s. Most of their time was tied up at the tournament, so be sure to tweet or comment with suggestions for where to stop in Chicago next time!