SPROTS TO SF: We Survived.

Friday morning was a struggle of champions. Since I had not slept the night before, getting up to go to the airport was not really an issue. We left with @zTripKC around 3:00 am with plenty of time to get into the gate since Kansas City is a tiny airport with nothing really in it.

We flew to Chicago to connect to our other flight taking us directly to San Francisco.

That flight was incredibly empty so we had plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy ourselves and sleep. While we slept in hour intervals, at least it was sleeping? Jess and I arrived in San Francisco with enough time to unpack, get changed and head up to “the city” and meet our tour guide, Rick Tittle, for happy hour! (of course there is an exclamation point on the end of that sentence, every time I mention booze it is a happy event…)


With our fire selfies being taken, we marched on to at least 10 different places before total exhaustion set in and I needed to sleep. I promptly fell asleep in the car ride back to the hotel and left my phone in an Uber and never saw it again. (Just kidding) Phoneless, clueless and dehydrated, we tackled Saturday by being tourists on the Pier 39 stretch, which ended with us watching KSU happily at a tiki bar.

Our evening consisted of going to see the San Jose Sharks vs Tampa Bay Lightning and we got to sit as close as a human could possibly sit in a hockey game without being on the team.

Our first NHL experience was solid and we had a lot of fun. Fast forward to later in the evening, we got to see more of San Jose nightlife and I unplugged an entire bar’s Christmas tree set up to charge Jess’ phone and no one even stopped me. After dancing the night away, we went back to the hotel to prepare for Oakland on a Sunday.

Our driver dropped us off at the BART station and we met some pretty awesome Raiders fans in town from Fresno for their first Raiders game. Not only did we force them to take Zubaz gear, we took awesome pictures too! (Sandra, if you are reading this, email me pictures!) With each stop closer to the Coliseum, the train filled up with more black & silver. Jess and I were lone wolves in our Chiefs Zubaz gear and tried to keep our mouths shut as much as possible. In my mind, the Chiefs were going to speak for us so we didn’t have to run our mouths.

What actually happened is that we ended up on the 50 yard line four rows up from the field and I started talking mad shit with each play. Tyvon Branch saved me from being shanked, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Our trip out of Oakland consisted of walking through TERRIFYING tunnels covered in barbed wire and angry Raiders fans.

raiders oops














We pushed our way to the BART system traveling to Downtown Berkeley, where my long lost phone was being held by our lovely driver, Armstrong. I immediately broke down in tears (this was a recurring theme of the trip) once I had my phone back and then ran off to catch the train back to the hotel where we once again missed the opportunity to have dinner of any sort because we were so far behind functioning level.

We ate at the hotel, we rested quietly and enjoyed a night of sleep and then we promptly woke up at 4 am and I thought it was time for us to get up and go to the studio.

HAHA JK GO BACK TO BED! We got up and headed off in the rush hour of people commuting to work and I was in Zubaz and a sweatshirt. We made it to the studio on time  and we were on air with Sports Byline & Rick Tittle for a solid first hour. We gave Rick some bad ass Zubaz and it was a blast to see what a “real studio” looked like.

The city was great, the sightseeing was great. Everything about our VIP trip to the Bay Area was on point and we look forward to coming back out soon!