Sprots Takes Investigates: Alamo Drafthouse


There are a few things in life more precious than air conditioning during the sweltering summers in Kansas City. The other precious things? Cold drinks and indoor entertainment. What if I told you there was a place in Kansas City that had all of that and then some?

This isn’t a 30 for 30, but I bet those would be fun as hell to watch at Alamo Drafthouse. (New idea? YEP!) As someone that resides in the suburbs of Johnson County, I focus most of my activities around sports August through July (get it, I never stop watching sports) and don’t take time to see movies. The experience we had last night might change that. I got to drink four delicious drinks and had popcorn delivered to me at a reasonable price (compared to the ripoff of having to get it yourself from “other” theaters?!?! PRICELESS) and watch a fantastic movie, Bad Moms.

Check out some of the upcoming events Alamo Drafthouse offers to moviegoers across Kansas City:

So if you are looking for ways to beat the heat for the rest of this summer, Alamo Drafthouse is definitely the place to be! Looking forward to our next visit already!

P.S. GREAT news for those of you in the Springfield, Missouri area… check it out here!