The most wonderful time of year is ending on a sweet note. No matter what happens, at least we will not have to see Ashley Judd annoy the shit out of everyone around her for another seven months! WOOO HOOO!!!!

Here are the Hotties’ predictions for the games on Saturday, we will have another post with the winner on Saturday evening.



Also, for a lot of Royals fans, the best time of year returns on April 6th! Opening Day at the K will mark the start of another glorious time of year, BASEBALL!

With so many exciting things going on this coming Monday, you might as well call in sick. I’m a firm believer that Opening Day should be a national holiday and no one should have to work. But once you are coming down off your pleasant day drunk feeling, be sure to tune into our RABBLETV broadcast coming LIVE IN STUDIO from Chicago!

Best way to get prepared for the big broadcast? Signing up and getting familiar with the website!


Here is our profile, sign up today and join the movement!

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