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Megan Avi HeaderIf you haven’t noticed a trend, Sprots Gloss is trying to teach MLB stats terms in a succession that gradually builds. Today is no exception with OPS. I give you the acronym first because the full name is a dead giveaway: OPS is On-base plus Slugging. Have we learned about OBP? Yep. Have we learned about SLG? Yep. Catch up here and here if you haven’t.

Players that rank in the top for On-base plus Slugging, are those dangerous hitters your team wants to pitch around. A high OPS means you have it all with speed, power, patience, and precision. An OPS of .900 or higher is considered elite. There are 19 players with a current OPS above .900 – that’s not even one per team. These hitters are especially not evenly spread out when teams like Boston and Chicago are hogging more than one spot. Rude.

Most of the top 19 are household names like Altuve, Rizzo, Trout, and Cabrera. Surprisingly, David Ortiz (who is on his retirement tour) and Daniel Murphy (who everyone expected to be on the down side of his career) are the top two, with over 1.000 OPS.  A couple of double and homerun machines, those two.

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