Sprots Gloss: Forwards


In all of this baseball postseason excitement, you probably forgot that hockey starts today! It’s ok, I forgive you. Today’s Sprots Gloss term honors this momentous occasion, but fear not, I’m going to take it easy on you since your brains must be filled to the brim with lefty-righty potential matchups between the Royals and the Astros tomorrow.


A forward is a player whose primary objective is to score goals. Of the 5 guys that actually skate around on the ice (read: anyone that isn’t the goalie), 3 of them are forwards.

There are three types of forwards: left wing, right wing, and center (sometimes spelled centre if you’re weird and Canadian).

The center is the “star” of the team. Most of the hockey players you can name off the top of your head are probably centers. They are stronger, faster, smarter than their teammates. The centers must cover the most amount of ice and therefore have the most vision; which leads the center to often be the guy that sets up the guy that is actually going to score. The center will also play the biggest role of all of the forwards in defensive play.

Notable Centers Currently Playing:

John Tavares


Sidney Crosby       Also seems to be the center of my dreams. Ba-dum-tish. But seriously…


Nicklas Backstrom


Steven Stamkos


Left wing and right wing forwards, often shortened to wingers, are the players who are going to do the bulk of the scoring, as they will be the one getting the passes that the center has set up. However, the wingers also do a lot of assisting since their primary positions are along the outer edges of the ice, giving them the best opportunities to pass to a center that is conveniently waiting right in front of the net to score. Right and left simply designates a wingers preference of side to shoot/pass from.

Notable Wingers Currently Playing:

Alex Ovechkin


Jakub Voracek


Vladimir Tarasenko


Rick Nash


Keep in mind that, as with any sport, the title a player is given does not even begin to describe their skill-set or the many facets of their job during the game. The title is a gentle guideline to branch off from.