Sprots Announcement!

What’s up everybody, so glad you’re here

It’s GAT with the flow back in your ear

SprotsTakes has been a fantastic voyage but I’m still on a mission

To see what we can do next and get your attention


Now I want to drop some information

Just a little extra for your sommelier education

We live our lives by the code of funk

Now go sign up for Bright Cellars, punk


Since I just dropped some sick rhymes by ripping off Coolio, take a moment and process that I have now cross marketed by rapping and calling you names. Alright, let’s get back to the point. Since the ladies at Sprots Takes absolutely love this wine pairing and delivery service of Bright Cellars

So now we are going to start a monthly gathering of Emily, Megan and myself (GAT) chatting about our wine for the month, including a bonus video the first week of February trying out GAT’s shipment of Bright Cellars wine! The details are being worked out, but rest assured we will have nothing be the best videos of friends drinking fun wine. So sign up today and get 50% off the first month and have WINE DELIVERED TO YOUR HOUSE THAT IS HANDPICKED FOR YOU! OMG!

We will call this monthly video feature…. “Sprots Sips”

Sprots Sips



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