Mindiana Jones Investigates: Sporting KC Remains Undefeated

As Kansas City turns its attention toward the Royals, soccer has been heating up on the Kansas side. Sporting KC plays its 6th game of the season this Saturday, facing their toughest match yet with the Portland Timbers. How has Sporting’s season started so far and what can we expect this weekend? Let’s take a look.

Sporting KC remains undefeated through the first five games of the season. Goalkeeper Tim Melia’s stellar performance has allowed only 2 goals this season, both in stoppage time. While Sporting’s defense has been impeccable, offense appears rocky, with 3 of the 5 games ending in a 0-0 draw. However, last week’s game versus Colorado looked promising, with Dom Dwyer scoring his first goal of the season. More encouraging, Seth Sinovic scored his first regular season goal EVER. Midfielder Benny Feilhaber is also rumored to potentially make a comeback this weekend. After missing the last two games due to a hamstring sprain, Sporting could desperately utilize the midfielder, who has already scored once this season.

Grade so far: B+

While SKC’s defense has lead Sporting to an undefeated season so far, the team is still ranked 4th in the Western Conference standings. The offense has to step up, or it’ll be a season similar to last year–average at best.

This weekend’s match will be a great litmus test for Sporting, as they face Portland. The Timbers are in first place in the Western Conference, their only loss against Columbus. Portland’s offense has been impressive–already scoring 16 goals this season. However, the defense has given away, on average, a goal per game. If Sporting’s defense holds steady, they have great chance to sneak a goal in on Portland’s weaker defense and snag a win.

Sporting KC faces the Timbers in Providence Park at 8:30 central. Until then, enjoy these gems. SKCTID.

Ahh, it feels good.

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