Sooner Football Scoop: OU vs K-State


Breana AviThis past Saturday the Sooners were able to take on Kansas State, and won 38-17. This puts Oklahoma 3-0 in the Big 12.

Baker and Westbrook have become an unreal pair. 8 touchdowns from Dede in only the last three games. Baker with over 350 passing yards in the last two games and Westbrook breaking records left and right. These two have made it worth while to continue waking up at the crack of dawn for games.

Samaje Perine was pulled to the bench after the first quarter due to a muscle injury. When putting Mixon in to replace him and the team can still run the exact same plays, you know they trust him. It’s nice to be able to watch the boys and know that just because one man falls doesn’t mean the entire team will.

However, those 11 am game times sure as hell have got to go. While getting up to drink and tailgate is never something to be turned down, it’d make it a lot easier on everyone if we didn’t have to get up at 7 am. But once we do, Norman is painted crimson. This week there was a touch of purple added around some parts of campus. Kansas state fans made the journey down here and got to enjoy a bit of what Oklahoma football is like.

The only benefit I see coming from these early games is the nap everyone gets in between the end of the game and going out Saturday night. There are those that rally all day and night and some that just skip the early morning games entirely. Then there’s some that have Cubs games to watch in between the football game and going to the bars. Those people are the real troopers.

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